CFB 25 Dynasty & Road to Glory Details Hit, Plus Some Surprises

As we mentioned last week, the writer embargo on EA CFB 25 was due to end very soon. The hype train broke through the walls today and we have tons of info below.

Additionally, we are expecting some gameplay footage tomorrow from EA.


EA CFB 25 Dynasty Mode Details

  • Players can coach up to 30 seasons, and dynasties can have up to 32 users either online or offline.

  • Custom conferences are back: Gamers can move schools around and put up to 20 teams in a conference. They can’t create new conferences from scratch, but they can build the Pac-12 back up if they’d like. They can choose the number of league games that conferences play and change the location of the conference championship games.

  • You begin as a head coach, offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator.

  • As a Dynasty coach, you give yourself a backstory as a “motivator,” “recruiter” or “tactician,” utilizing 11 skill trees for coaching abilities.

  • Each recruiting class includes 4,000 prospects, including Athletes, who are back in the game, but you cannot create a prospect.

  • 85 scholarships per team

  • Some recruits have “Dealbreakers,” meaning there are simply certain things that five-star recruits want that smaller schools can’t meet.

  • You cannot export College Football 25 Dynasty draft classes into Madden

  • NIL does not exist in Dynasty mode. It is present in RTG

“Brand Exposure” has replaced TV exposure and serves as the NIL stand-in during recruiting pitches. The explanation from EA folks was that the NIL landscape changes seemingly each month, and they didn’t want to commit to something only for it to change.

Road To Glory Notes

  • No high school just pick your college to attend

  • Limited positions: QB, WR, RB, MLB, or CB in addition to your Star Level, along with present individual attributes that will allow you to lean into some strengths over others.

  • Road to Glory also emphasizes the “student” in student-athletes than what was previously seen in the NCAA Football series, as players will need to balance multiple categories that will impact their academic performance, trust-building with their coach and teammates, and what type of NIL deals they can obtain.

  • Time management and how you make your decisions when you are not at class, practice, and games will factor into your character's overall perception, performance, and where they stand on the depth chart.

  • Your position is always at risk, depending on your choices and your player’s overall performance.

Enhanced Computer AI Impact on EA CFB 25

"One thing that was immediately noticeable once I started playing the game was how much smarter the computer opponent is now. It used to be extremely easy to manipulate the computer, but that will not be the case in this game – especially at higher difficulty levels. I started at All-American, because that’s what I always played at on NCAA, and I was having absolute fits with the defense. The computer now has all the same tools as the user, and it will use them."

"The coverages are much smarter, with windows closing much faster in the passing game than they used to, especially against zone coverage. They’re also better at disguising coverages and blitzes, and you’ll have to really be seeing the whole field as a passer. Defenses will adapt to how you’re playing, with real-time coaching that makes adjustments to what they’re running to force you to continually differentiate your play-calling. No longer can you spam the same few plays over and over to exploit the same coverage the defense keeps running. If you show the defense the same play one too many times, it’s likely headed back the other way."

Weather Impacts in EA CFB 25

“Wet footballs matter.”

That means if you end up in a rain game or a snow game, ball security will be tricky, you’ll see more drops, footing on defense will be sketchy, and you might end up with some chaos.

From a graphics perspective, the animations for rain on the field and the way it kicks up and splashes looked incredible, but it’s a little annoying when the fumbles start happening – which, again, is how it works in real life, and that was their goal according to Robby Kalland of Uproxx.

Transfer Portal Details:

  • The transfer portal is woven into the normal recruiting process after the season.

  • When this part of the calendar arrives, you’ll have to split your hours between high school recruits and transfers (the latter of whom are not available during the season — no tampering).

  • Prospective transfers have star ratings, and their recruiting process works much like its high school counterparts.

*** A few years into your dynasty, new computer players in the portal may remember whether you recruited them out of high school.

No X-Factors!!!


  • There are no X-Factors in College Football 25 like in Madden, but each player will have five physical and three mental abilities that you can build up to get situational boosts.

  • You can’t max everything out in order to keep it true to the college game. They are not guaranteed to help you, unlike Madden X-Factors.

  • That means there’s a chance your big play receiver won’t make that catch in traffic in a big moment, even if he has that physical ability.

"Wear & Tear" impacts while playing EA CFB 25

"This is where the new Wear and Tear system comes into play. Not all hits are equal, but if a player is taking big hits, certain body parts on a model will turn orange and then red on the play screen to indicate his increased chance of injury.

A player’s Strength attribute corresponds with how much impact he can take, and bigger players have more Strength.

If you put a small wide receiver at QB and run the option, he’ll be more likely to get injured. The longer the game, the more the injury chances rise."

All-22+ system + Wear & Tear:

The All-22+ System ensures that each player on the field plays to their skill level.

With such a wide variance in skill levels in the college game, EA wanted to make sure you felt that. A star player will really stand out in this game, while a backup or freshman with a low rating is going to struggle to make a positive impact.

When you mix the All-22+ System with Wear & Tear, you need to focus on the following:

  • You must spread the ball around and utilize playing time for all starters

  • Exposing a QB on a triple option too many times will definitely lead to wear & tear impact and immediate loss of player rating attributes.

  • Focusing on just one WR will impact the performance of the entire offense.


Every writer who has played CFB 25 has said how much fun it is to run the ball.

For example, if you run outside zone, your linemen are going to block it as they would in real life, and it’ll be up to you to read and react to hit the hole that opens up.

That brings more skill into the running game, asking the player to be patient rather than mashing the right trigger and hoping the designed hole opens up. In the college game, this also impacts running the option, where your decision-making has to be on point.


Each home stadium is graded out to different levels, so the Big House will have a bigger impact on players than LA Tech’s Joe Aillet Stadium.

Freshmen will get rattled, communication gets harder, and, yes, the squiggly lines are back for WR routes, but even more aggressive – they start moving all over the place like you’re playing the game on acid.

It is a trip, and you’ll struggle to make audibles and hot routes if you don’t have a quarterback with the right mental abilities according to Robby Kalland of Uproxx.

Additional Notes on CFB25

- College Football 25 has 134 different playbooks, part of 10 different offensive styles

- The capabilities players enjoy before the snap have also grown immensely.

- Senior quarterbacks can see more than freshmen, like the possibility of a blitz or a certain kind of defense.

- Yes, there are custom playbooks and custom audibles

- The average team has four helmets, three jerseys and three pants. Some have 20-plus options (hello, Oregon). You can see all the individual stitching in the jerseys because EA Sports employs a Creaform 3D handheld scanner that’s normally used for aerospace parts.

- You will not be able to edit the attributes of real-life players in the rosters. You can edit created players, but there supposedly will be blocks to keep you from making a player like Arch Manning, who did not opt into the game.

- There will be player updates throughout the real season as EA sends out patches. If a freshman breaks out, EA will be able to update the rosters to reflect that

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