CFB 25 Gameplay Hidden Gems That Everyone Missed

Rumor has it EA may be dropping a dive video on CFB 25 Dynasty Mode this Friday…. 🤞fingers crossed.

In the meantime, take a look at some hidden gems from the CFB 25 gameplay demo that we are confident most people missed.

🔥 CFB 25 Gameplay Hidden Gems

 🎯 Player Stamina & Ability Indicators

Did you notice the player stamina meters and ability icons (snowflake, flame)?

It appears that we will be dealing with snowflakes on our players in very tough road environments. My struggles with Sam Houston State playing at Michigan are going to be frustrating in year one of Dynasty mode.

👀 Different Score Bugs??

Some eagle-eyed Hit Stick readers noticed a change of color with the Michigan logo in the score bug.

Take a guess at what this could mean as EA will keep us guessing until mid-July.

🏎️ Turbo No-Huddle

Turbo No Huddle It's an insanely fast-paced offense that keeps the defense on its heels but runs down the stamina of the offense quickly.

💧1- Arm Hoodies, Sure Why Not?

1-arm hoodies? We can only guess this speaks to deep-design player options for players in CFB 25.

🎮 CFB 25 Play Now Screen

With 134 teams, you can sort by conference within the Play Now screen.

We also see that rivalry games are recognized as well.

🏟️ 3 Brands of Footballs for CFB 25

We now know of 3 football brands available in CFB 25:

1. Nike

2. Wilson

3. Adidas

Adidas Football

Wilson Football

Nike Football

🏟️ Home Field Toughness Ranks

“Toughness Rank” for CFB 25 stadiums:

1. LSU

2. PSU

3. Georgia

It will be a dynamic ranking that changes within Dynasty mode and RTG.


It looks like we have the acronym for CFB 25 Ultimate Team and subsequent years moving forward.




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