CFB 25: What Everyone Missed In The Notre Dame Walk-In Image

What is being revealed on May 16th?

So OF COURSE the first cover for EA CFB 25 leaked out yesterday about 2 minutes after we sent the newsletter.

It ended up being a crazy day and we wanted to share a video below on details people may have missed in the Notre Dame walk-in screen grab.

🔍 Let's Find What Everyone Missed In The Notre Dame Walk-In Image

Along with the first CFB 25 cover leak on Friday, we also saw our first glimpse of the game. We broke down the Notre Dame walk-in image to find the smallest details. Just click the video below to watch:

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🎮 What The Heck Is Next Thursday???

Here at Hit Stick, we have been yapping about the “full reveal” for 3 months.

Yesterday, EA Sports updated its CFB 25 website with a countdown for “news coming soon” which ends next Thursday, May 16th at 11 am EST.

THEN they updated the text later in the day.

Now it reads, “Official cover reveal May 16th”.

This brings up some questions:

  1. Did Playstation go rogue on Friday posting the deluxe edition cover?

  2. Are we still going to see a “full reveal” on the 16th, meaning gameplay and such, or is it just a cover reveal?

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