New EA CFB 25 Details Emerge for Dynasty Mode & Road to Glory

EA Sports has spent the past two weeks focusing on Madden 25 updates, forcing us to scour the internet for additional EA CFB 25 details.

Well, we found some. Some of the best yet focused on Dynasty mode and Road to Glory. Enjoy!

🏟️ EA CFB 25 Dynasty Mode Details

The best details we have seen yet on Dynasty Mode for EA CFB 25 come from Cory Wells of HardCoreGamer:

1. 30-year Dynasty as HC, DC, or OC.

2. Choose coaching offense and defensive schemes

3. Choose a coaching style: motivator, recruiter or tactician

4. Hire/Fire offense and defensive coordinators

5. Coaches will have eleven different skill trees to help develop their legacy.

6. Scout/recruit and allocate points in different ways featuring modern communication to help recruit players.

7. Dealbreakers will be on a much bigger scale as some players simply won't be won over.

8. You can go as simple as sending a DM to a prospect or go all in. Inviting prospects to specific games will also help dictate their decision.

9. If there is heavy interest, it would be ideal to invite them to one of the top matchups on the schedule as this weighs heavier than in the past.

👀 Miscellaneous EA CFB 25 Dynasty Mode Notes:

1. Program Grades for the school can also be improved for recruiting and players will also be a risk on a week-to-week basis of being won or lost. This allows for more of a focus from week to week to be more heavily involved in decision-making.

2. The art team also curated 16,000 different head models that were created from photographs to help with ongoing generic players that will come in over the duration of the Dynasty

3. Other elements such as the new Redshirt rules will also be implemented.

4. It's worth noting that due to the nature of NIL deals in their current state, draft classes will not be able to be exported to Madden.

5. The development team has also confirmed that creating a prospect will not be in the initial release, but plans to integrate down the road.

🎮 The most in-depth Road to Glory EA CFB 25 details we have seen to date

🔥 Road to Glory in College Football 25 will be going above and beyond to mirror how a player handles themselves both on the field and off the field.

🔥 The goal is to truly live the life of a college football player in Road to Glory.

⏱️ The development team is aiming for a 10-20 hour experience for each created character that will span a four-year career.

1. School choice is provided by answering questions during the creation process.

2. Positions available will be quarterback, running back, wide receiver, linebacker and defensive back.

3. The created character has the option to go with an Elite skillset, Blue Chip, Contributor or Underdog.

4. Archetypes and Mental Abilities will provide unique upgradeable bonuses.

5. The mode is rooted in decision making which can affect both career growth or academic growth.

6. A certain GPA is expected to be academically eligible to play and players will need to manage energy and time properly.

7. The option to transfer every year via the portal is on the table. Furthermore, NIL deals will provide unique in-game buffs.

8. These players that are created will be eligible to move over to Madden.

🧠 "Coach Trust" Factor

1. The "currency" for the mode will be Coach Trust. Earning more of this will move you up the depth chart.

2. This can be received in a variety of ways including position battles via Mini Games.

3. These Mini Games can only be played once and players will need to make sure they have ample time and energy to compete in these......This may involve missing a test in school.

4. Earning more "Coach Trust" will also open more plays in the playbook.

💸 Player Celebrations

1. Players will also be able to select celebrations as the game offers even move celebrations this year across the board.

2. The team has tied in a combination of buttons with some supposedly hidden combos.


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