Team Builder Returns + Massive CFB 25 Details

We waited 92 days (not including 10 years) for the CFB 25 reveal trailer to debut and it appears that EA Sports has truly listened to their customers.

Notable things we learned today for EA College Football 25

- 32 user Online Dynasty

- Team Builder is back in its full glory

- Wear & Tear system

- Road To College Football Playoff

- New equipment and drip

- Every team's important traditions are a core focal point of the game.

Plus more that we have covered below.

🔥 Let’s Dive Into The EA CFB 25 Details

Team Builder Is Back!

Get ready to craft your dream college football program with dynamic customization tools on the Team Builder website! Design every detail from uniforms and helmets to fields and logos. Once you've perfected your team, upload it and dive into Play Now and Dynasty modes.


Experience the thrilling journey of a student-athlete with your custom player! Chase the coveted Heisman Trophy and build a legendary college football career. Manage your weekly schedule, GPA, and public image, earn your coach's trust for more playing time, or navigate the transfer portal to find the perfect fit.

Road to the College Football Playoff

Challenge yourself in this new competitive mode that spans across consoles! Climb the ranks by toppling tough opponents and gathering crucial votes to advance through the divisions. Rack up those wins and make your bid for a spot in the playoffs to bring home the National Championship!

Wear & Tear!

As the game progresses, so does the wear and tear on your players. Manage their health, limit fatigue, assess injury risks, and make strategic substitutions to keep your team performing at its peak when it counts the most.

Pre-Snap Recognition

Pre-Snap Recognition adds depth to every snap. Will you rely on your seasoned seniors or take a gamble on your untested freshmen? Analyze the game and your players to make the best call when it matters.

New Gameplay and Ratings Systems!

Experience a fresh take on gameplay with dynamic player ratings that shift throughout each game. Discover team tiers and master the new in-game passing mechanics. Every play is an opportunity to showcase your strategy and skill.

Homefield Advantage

Feel the intensity of playing in college football's toughest environments! Test your team's resilience and composure on the road as they face distractions like screen shaking, missing pre-play icons, and moving play art.

Iconic Atmospheres

Step into the roaring stadiums from The Big House to The Swamp, from Tuscaloosa to College Station. Immerse yourself in the thunderous soundscape of college football, complete with all the iconic rituals and traditions that make game day unforgettable.

Pageantry and Traditions

Soak in the electrifying sights and sounds of college football! Experience unique team run-outs, fierce rivalry rituals, synchronized crowd chants, loudness meters, authentic game-day audio, fight songs, and, of course, the beloved mascots.

Commentary & Broadcast

Enjoy the iconic commentary of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit for marquee matchups, while Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, and David Pollack bring their expertise to all your other games. Plus, a dynamic picture-in-picture play-call system enhances the broadcast experience.

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